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Retency Differential Privacy Technology

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Our unique offer

With Retency, safely combine personal databases
for analytics and AI training

Retency unique de-identification technology allows to perform cross-analyses of databases held by separate parties, while guaranteeing perfect database protection and total personal data privacy and GDPR compliance.

Our unique offer

A safe, accurate and universal Cloud solution


Differentially Private output dataset delivers same analytics & AI training accuracy as non-private join on raw data


Works on any type of personal data, compatible with any analytics & AI package and lets you use your existing tools

Protects the user

Join is performed on Differentially Private aggregates which contain no personal data


Officially validated as fully compliant to GDPR deep anonymization criteria

Easy and powerful

Available a SAAS Cloud solution with easy and safe integration to your datalake. Works effortlessly on 100M+ lines databases


Provides superior protection to your data, when associated to third-party databases. Your raw data remains within your perimeter and nobody views it

Easy to use

Fits naturally in your dataflow

Retency Differential Privacy technology fits naturally in your dataflow and easily connects to your datalake
Areas we serve

Multiple applications

For fraud prediction & risk management, Retency expands the footprint of privately and compliantly usable personal data, and combine various data sources, internal and third-party

Insurance and banking

  • Fraud prediction: privately and compliantly use your payment data with fraud analytics specialists including consultants
  • Risk assessment: combine various data sources, internal and third-party, to achieve superior AI reliability and accuracy
  • Marketing: safely and lawfully monetize marketing insights from your client data combined with external advertising and purchasing information
  • Consultants: simplify access to your client data, and perform cross client analytics for improved vision with no privacy burden
Advertising optimization: combine multi channel exposure data with purchase information with no user consent needed


  • Client lifecycle: Combine your CRM info with your retailers' client data – for multi-contact, multi-channel marketing insights – with no user consent needed
  • Vendor databases: assess AI lift from third party databases before purchasing
  • DOOH: obtain accurate DOOH audience data (including repeat and drive-to-store performance statistics)
Public transport and smart city planning: use multiple sources of personnal data for a complete view of public usages

Smart cities

  • Public transport: achieve true network optimization information by lawfully recording and generating accurate, real-time user flow statistics from the aggregation of individual trips

How it works

Our technology

Retency Privacy Engine transforms raw data sets into Differentially Private aggregates that can be cross-analyzed to generate a combined, joined database
Push your insight further

Multiple use cases

Within your organisation

  • Protect and simplify the usage of your corporate data for data analytics and AI training
  • With RPE, users don't view the personal data stored in your datalake. Extracts are transformed into differentially private datasets, from which any reidentification is impossible, which totally protects your corporate data
  • Datasets generated by RPE are truly confidential, and can be shared with external consultants at no risk to your organization

Across Business Units

  • Within your company, Retency allows you to safely combine databases held by separate business units. And maximize the footprint of your data analytics and AI training.
  • Large companies frequently generate multiple client databases which they can't combine because of insufficient client consent. With Retency, you generate datasets statistically identical to a line-by-line join: private join is performed on multiple Differentially Private data aggregates generated by its deep anonymization preprocessor, which are cleared of any individual information.
  • With Retency, securely and lawfully perform analytics that we previously out of reach due insufficient consents.

With Third-Parties

  • To generate maximum insight, safely associate your own client data with any third-party database without confidentiality or GDPR / consent issues.
  • Retency delivers mission-ready high accuracy joined databases, with no loss of accuracy, in full protection of your company's assets and in total GDPR compliance without worrying about user consent.
  • No need to copy and transfer your data. Your data stays within your company's perimeter. The only information that gets out is deeply anonymized and Differentially Private

When performance matters

Why choose us

Best privacy technology

Based on a best-in-class Private Set Intersection algorithm, Retency Privacy Engine delivers far superior privacy protection and regulatory compliance than commonly used techniques such as pseudonymization, noise addition or generalization.

High accuracy

Consolidated data resulting from Retency Private Join provides same training accuracy as datasets resulting from non-private joins.

Easy to integrate

Retency Privacy Engine is available as a SAAS on Google MarketPlace. Easy interface and numerous connectors ensure fast and easy integration to your dataflow.


The deep anonymization technology running Retency Privacy Engine was validated by the French privacy regulator as compliant to European Community G29 deep anonymization criteria.

Processes any type of data

Retency Privacy Engine processes any type of personal data: purchasing, advertising, health, insurance, banking, etc.


Retency Private Join is approx. 500 times more efficient than homomorphic join algorithms, and processes easily very large data sets (10M+ lines).