Our expertise
Better understand your visitors

We analyse the visitors’ flows inside the store.

Our analysts create dashboards for you with the same indicators as the ones used by online retailers. These indicators are essential to run your business: penetration rate, number of visitors, visit frequency, length of visits, journey in the store, conversion rate.

Increase in-store traffic

We maximize the efficiency of your ad campaigns on mobile phones.

We measure the impact of your communication tools (Display panels, Radio, TV…) and of the animations in store on the traffic.

Now, you can invest in the highest performing tools !

Improve brand loyalty

We create a tailored client experience in keeping with the customer’s profile...

- Digital signage on the store’s screens

- Personalized service for the client in the store

               ... And we bridge the gap between online and offline !

- An uninterrupted experience between the mobile and the store

Our technology is proprietary and agile

We adapt to the needs of each retailer and develop tailored solutions.

Our technology is very easy to install.

No need to grant access to the IT systems of the store, just plug our boxes in a power outlet.

Our technology is not intrusive.

No need to download an app.

Our technology respects data protection laws.

  • 90%

    Bricks-and-mortar still accounts for over 90% of all sales

    (Timetrade state of retail, 2017)

  • 77%

    of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience

    (Forrester, 2016)

  • 72%

    of survey respondents prefer shopping in store because they want to touch and feel products before they commit

    (Teradata-Celebrus, 2015)

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  • Isabelle Bordry

    Isabelle is reknown leader of the French digital media indutry. She spent 9 years at Yahoo!, where she was notably Managing Director of Yahoo! France and later in charge of Yahoo! European operations. Isabelle also worked for media group Hachette Filipacchi and participated to the creation of several high profile digital companies. Isabelle holds a post graduate degree in business science from Université X Paris Dauphine.

  • Xavier Darrigol

    Xavier has 14 years of experience in strategic corporate advisory, spent successively at Merrill Lynch, Lazard and Deutsche Bank. Before, Xavier worked for five years in the aerospace electronics industry at Thales. In 2010, Xavier has created a successful e-commerce company, for which he now only acts as the majority shareholder. Xavier graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (France) and holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

  • Terry Burns

    Terry is a leading figure of the aerospace electronics industry. Working at Thales, he conducted the development of several generations of high end flight simulation visual systems. In 1994, Terry founded the UK company Equipe Electronics, which has become a reference company for the design & manufacturing of high performance electronics, serving the military and civil aerospace markets worldwide. Equipe Electronics is an accredited supplier of the US Department of Defence and of the UK MOD.